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CSP Automotive - advertising flags

Werbefahnen von CSP Automotive

13.09.2022 autor : Andrzej Wrona

Werbefahnen gehören zu den beliebtesten Werbeprodukten der Welt. Sie sind auch einer der bei CSP Automotive am meisten bestellten Artikel.

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Our flags have long been recognised by our customers. High-quality materials, excellent design, and outstanding performance ensure that our flags stand out among other solutions available on the market.

CSP Automotive - advertising flags

Customer projects implementation

We have been designing and manufacturing professional POS materials for over a decade. The solutions we provide help our customers maintain the professional image of their dealerships and the surrounding area. Our advertising flags are perfect for zoning and for helping to organise indoor and outdoor displays.

Highest quality

As flags are constantly exposed to such atmospheric factors as UV radiation, strong wind, rain, or extreme temperatures, we make every effort to introduce modern solutions to increase their durability.

All our flags have double-stitched seams. We use reinforcing tape and premium extra-thick cover material of 110 g/m2. The print features up to 95% penetration, which provides a spectacular visual effect.

As for the double-sided version, each side of the flag is perfectly readable thanks to a separator. All our flags are coated with UV filters, so that the colours remain unchanged despite the adverse effects of sunlight.

Additionally, the products we offer are B1 certified in terms of fire resistance.


As with our other products, advertising flags are customisable to your needs. You can customise the flag by adding your choice of image, in any flag size and with the print on one or both sides of the product. Our professionals provide detailed product expertise and can assist you in choosing the most suitable solution.


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