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Langlebigkeit von POS-Materialien Was bedeutet „hohe Qualität“ für uns?

29.11.2022 autor : Andrzej Wrona

Hohe Qualität ist nach Überzeugung von CSP die Grundlage für ein funktionelles Produkt, das den Erwartungen der Mitarbeiter des Autohändlers und seiner Kunden gerecht wird. Das Produkt stellt sich den Herausforderungen, denen die Automobilbranche heutzutage ausgesetzt ist – von der geringen Ausstellungsfläche im Autohaus über digitale Erweiterungen bis hin zum Klimawandel und den daraus resultierenden Klimaextremen.

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POS materials perform a number of functions at a car dealership. External signage – illuminated towers, advertising flags and totems – they attract the attention from walk-in clients as well as increasing brand awareness. Internal systems facilitate the orientation of the buyers and allow you to separate different zones in a simple manner. Labelling vehicles with price tags, registration plate covers or offering display works as an excellent information carrier manages what the client sees and provides them with knowledge on the specific model, without help from the dealer.

A coherent concept behind the POS materials at a dealership establishes a modern, professional brand. It shows the promise made by the company to the client and underlines its value. That is why it is so important for individual advertising products to reflect high quality. So what about CSP?

Difficult weather conditions? It’s not a problem

CSP materials used for labelling a car, such as price tags or offer displays, are manufactured using an original mixture of plastics. During the manufacturing process, we strive to achieve maximum durability. This means resistance to high and low temperatures and also UV rays. This is particularly important for vehicles displayed outside, which may be exposed to sunlight for extended periods. You can use our products in various climate zones, ensuring that our solution guarantees the excellent display of all information and the price, regardless of the weather.

How good is their durability in practice? We have carried out a test involving heating the windshield of a car to about 160OC.
The effect? The heat produced by the lamps used for the test completely melted the plastic bottle, and the windshield was cracked and destroyed. However, our price display remained unaffected. This was an extreme example, of course, but it shows really well how CSP products behave during natural exposure to solar radiation and high temperatures.

Please note. All the threshold conditions are described in the technical and product sheets. Using the materials according to the instructions guarantees the retention of the POS material properties.

Importantly, all materials placed on car components have been designed with the car’s ergonomics in mind. Which is why they do not damage the dashboard, do not scratch the surfaces and do not affect the seals. They are also easy to install, which is very important from the perspective of the employees themselves. The same applies to all types of single- or multiple-use stickers, which leave no traces on the body or windows of the car. And fewer stains means fewer issues for the dealer.

The practical dimension – a higher level of comfort

Since we are discussing employees, it is worth mentioning how having well-designed and durable POS materials makes their daily tasks easier. Registration plate covers and model plates are a great example.

These products have been created for simple fitting and removal, such as before a test drive. With traditional solutions, the employee typically has to apply force to the plate, sometimes even for a couple of minutes, and it often ends by damaging something. If we throw bad weather conditions into the mix – rain, snow or heat – then frustration comes naturally.

Our locking systems completely eliminate this issue and facilitate the entire process – the registration plate covers meet the requirements of various markets and countries, which ensures a precise match.

Another product we have developed – adroof – has a similar, practical dimension. In this case, the plates can be replaced without taking the display off the roof.

Effective, safe and durable

Another important aspect in the context of the POS materials strength are the elements, like towers, coffer totems or flags on tall masts used for marking the area around the dealership and on the buildings.

These products are resistant to extreme weather conditions – strong wind, temperature and moisture. They also come with technical documentation that includes static calculations or wind load standards, guaranteeing that they remain safe to use. The exchangeable elements allow you to change the messages without the need to disassemble the entire construction. Once everything is attached, an illuminated and effective tower is going to perform its function for many years to come.

Product quality, customer care

One of the promises that we, at CSP, make to our clients is servicing under the hypercare mode. That is why we create internet stores for brands and importers who implement used car programmes in multiple markets simultaneously, allowing the dealers from a single network to purchase POS materials with a quality guarantee, as well as the materials for restocking.

We care not only about the excellence of our materials, but also improving production methods, and the safety and convenience of their use. Apart from the durability of our products, we also work to create lasting partnerships. This is how we maintain our high quality, covering every aspect of our activities.

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