Proprietary point of sale concepts for the automotive industry

We establish standards, develop high-quality POS materials and implement them worldwide.

Comprehensive POS concepts for the automotive industry

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point-of-sales concepts

We establish standards, develop high-quality POS materials and implement them worldwide.

We develop comprehensive POS concepts

We design marketing materials for indoor and outdoor car showroom signage, including “on the car” and “around the car” materials, as well as their digital extensions.

We create communication strategies

We create communication strategies based on our partners’ business objectives. We ensure its integrity in relation to a brand corporate identity system and market-specific adjustments. We run the entire creation process and deal with the logistics of its implementation within dealers’ networks. We report the progress of activities on an ongoing basis.

We have already helped many car brands

We have already helped over 100 NSCs (National Sales Companies) and over 4000 dealers to build a consistent image of their showrooms and implement effective used car sales schemes. We offer our POS materials and systems in over 30 countries.

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Why our company?

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With over 10 years of experience in our field of operation, we know which solutions are effective and beneficial for our clients.
Our POS materials are robust, effective and provide complete visual communication in a car showroom.
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We maintain high quality throughout the entire duration of our cooperation.
We have extensive production, storage and distribution capacities. Our solutions are easily scalable and adaptable to multiple markets.
We guarantee communication consistency at each contact point between the audience and the brand.
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Our company is a stable business partner. The CSP brand is owned by the Exacto Group, which has been operating in the automotive service market since 2010.

with clients

We initiate the process by analysing the needs and current condition of point-of-sale marketing materials. Together, we define products and POS solutions based on the objectives they are intended to meet and the time frame in which we want to achieve them. We then select optimum tools enabling us to achieve the objectives.

Our basic principle? It’s hypercare. We are by your side throughout the entire concept implementation process. We take care of every stage of implementation, advise you and provide ready-made solutions. We take on tasks for which managers and marketing departments are usually responsible. We save your time and ensure flexible cooperation. We are there for you whenever you need us.