Comprehensive car showroom signage system

Go for high-quality, state-of-the-art signage systems that captivate client's attention and build a consistent brand image. Enhance your showroom’s visibility through effective branding display.
Comprehensive car showroom outdoor signage system

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Comprehensive car showroom outdoor signage system

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We tailor each signage element to the brands’ CI system and the requirements of the market in question. We personalise the graphic design, its production technique and product dimensions. This gives your car showroom a modern look and ready-made tools for effective visual communication. We provide high-quality, robust materials that guarantee durability for years to come.

Be visible – outdoor
signage systems

Advertising pylons, lightboxes, spatial letters – these are large-format branding media that enhance car showroom visibility. They build brand awareness, attract attention and complement a marketing message by highlighting the brand name and key messages. They give your showroom and its surroundings a modern look.

Command your clients’ attention -
orientation enhancing systems

Signage systems guide purchasers towards products and services of interest. Visual separation of showroom sections and zones makes the space tidy and professional, which results in your clients feeling more comfortable. Our products make it easier to find your way both inside and outside the building.

Plan your car sections -
systems for special zone creation

Totems, advertising flags, banners or floor displays provide information concerning promotions, actions and offers. They differentiate car sections and separate them from other showroom zones. They captivate clients to enhance marketing messages. Their application is universal and can be flexibly tailored to current needs.

CSP Automotive - car showroom signage
Elements of car showroom signage

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Car showroom signage is just one of numerous CSP services. We develop comprehensive POS systems and implement them globally.

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Why selecting CSP car showroom signage solutions is a good idea?

12 letnie doswiadczenie w tworzeniu systemow oznakowania
We have 12 years of experience in car showroom signage system development.
spójność komunikacji marki
We guarantee brand visual communication consistency. We act in line with the client’s corporate identity guidelines. 
najwyzsza jakosc obslugi salonow
Maintaining high standards is our first-and-foremost priority. Our partners can count on the highest quality of services throughout the entire cooperation period. 
słuchamy naszych partnerow
We always advise on optimum solutions - we listen to our client’s needs.
najlepsze materialy i produkty
Our products are made from the best materials. They retain their original colours and shape for the years to come.
marka CSP automotive to partner exacto group
We are a stable partner. The CSP brand is owned by Exacto Group, a company that has been operating on the automotive market since 2010.

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