Digital POS products

Enhance marketing message visibility and engage purchasers' attention for longer.
Digital POS products. Interactive display walls, stands and booths

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Reach an entirely new level of client engagement. Opt for state-of-the-art digital POS system extensions designed for the automotive industry. Get familiar with an interactive formula of high-quality POS materials. Promote sales using attractive digital tools to increase promotional information effectiveness.

display walls

A versatile solution performing both advertising and information functions. It facilitates the creation of interesting graphic materials and engaging data visualisations. Digital tools improve the purchasers’ experience and build an image of a state-of-the-art showroom.

stands and booths

Advertising or information booths, presentation folders and digital LED panels highlight all key messages. They convey up-to-date advertising information at the points of contact between clients and various car showroom sections. They also make communication more dynamic. They can display vehicle specifications in the form of interactive graphics.

creation support

We update content within the framework of planned marketing activities. The VC360 brand , owned by the Exacto Group, supports the digital presentation of vehicles using cutting-edge applications and systems. We organise photo shoots and virtual walk-throughs of the vehicle’s interior and exterior to be used on digital media in showrooms.

Digital signage

Digital signage is just one of numerous CSP services.
We develop comprehensive POS systems and implement them globally.

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Why selecting CSP digital signage solutions is a good idea?

Digital signage constitutes a modern approach to communicating with clients.
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We offer consulting and support services in optimal solution selection and implementation.
Digital systems are more effective than traditional materials.
CSP products stand out due to their cutting-edge design matching the digital signage characteristics.
Digital solutions are versatile and facilitate rapid alteration of advertising messages.
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We are a stable partner. The CSP brand is owned by Exacto Group, a company that has been operating on the automotive market since 2010.

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Car signage

Provide buyers with access to key information and manage their attention.

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Car showroom signage

Enhance your showroom’s visibility and ensure its state-of-the-art appearance.

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