Vehicle signage systems

Create consistent visual communication for new and used vehicles. Involve your clients, manage their attention and provide them with access to purchasing information. Increase sales by employing state-of-the-art signage systems created using top-quality materials.
Car, vehicle signage systems. Increase your sales

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CSP products are characterised by unmatched durability and aesthetics. They are robust and resilient to retain their visual qualities and functionality even with prolonged exposure to variable weather conditions. This results in considerable time and money savings.

Car signage

Price displays, presentation folders, advertising registration plates, stickers and adroof plates. They provide information, catch the eye and display the car’s qualities. They provide a consistent distinction between specific types of vehicles and ensure an interesting presentation. They allow the most important messages to be effectively communicated to clients.

around cars

Totems, flag masts, banners or textile frames. They supplement vehicle presentation methods and provide additional advertising space. They also facilitate creating special zones and highlight certain characteristics of the vehicle. They draw purchasers’ attention to selected spots and provide them with more information.

Used car advertising materials

It is a set of tools supporting used car sales. They guarantee consistent communication and uniform presentation of vehicle information. Cutting-edge designs present offerings in an attractive and engaging way.

Elements of car showroom signage
Digital signage

New and used car signage is only a part of CSP’s service.
We develop comprehensive POS systems and implement them globally.

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Why selecting CSP car signage solutions is a good idea? 

12 letnie doswiadczenie w tworzeniu systemow oznakowania
We have been refining products for 12 years, working on their marketing effectiveness.
spójność komunikacji marki
We always adhere to the client's corporate identity guidelines.
najlepsze materialy i produkty
We maintain high material standards. We ensure their repeatability and durability.
nowoczesne projekty
We follow trends and create interesting, cutting-edge designs.
prosta i latwa obsluga systemow
We provide easy-to-use systems for all generations of vehicles.
marka CSP automotive to partner exacto group
We are a stable partner. The CSP brand is owned by Exacto Group, a company that has been operating on the automotive market since 2010.

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Digital POS products. Interactive display walls, stands and booths
Digital signage

Interactive, digital products. A new dimension of client engagement

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Comprehensive car showroom outdoor signage system
Car showroom signage

Enhance your showroom’s visibility and ensure its state-of-the-art appearance.

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