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Ford Gebrauchtwagen

Wir haben uns auf die Entwicklung von Lösungen zur Unterstützung des Gebrauchtwagenverkaufs

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CSP Automotive specialises in the creation of products that support the sales process for used vehicles.

The experience gained over a decade in the automotive industry has allowed us to perfectly understand the needs of our clients. Thanks to this, in addition to creating customised products, we also provide professional consultancy on the selection of effective solutions and adapting them to local standards and requirements.

CSP Automotive - Ford used cars

Solutions used by manufacturers and dealers throughout Europe

All the dedicated products are made according to our adopted Corporate Identity standards, taking into account the assumptions regarding the appearance, colour and format of the images. Thanks to the high quality and durability of our products, CSP Automotive materials are readily used by manufacturers and dealer centres throughout Europe. For many years we have been working with Ford Polska in the marking for the used vehicle sales program. As a dedicated provider, we supply the brand’s dealers with POS materials supporting their car sales.

CSP Automotive - Ford used cars

Many years of cooperation with Ford Polska

One of the latest projects we created for Ford Polska was the full labelling for the FORD UŻYWANE (USED FORD) program. Cars offered under this program are less than 8 years old, with mileages of not more than 150,000 km. It should be noted that the vehicles available within the program have a full service history and are covered by a warranty with no mileage limit, and before being assigned for sale each car undergoes a technical inspection at an authorized Ford service point.

Ford Polska also decided to refresh the second line of ZADBANY UŻYWANY (WELL-KEPT USED) vehicle sales, for which we created a full package of dedicated products.
As part of the comprehensive fittings for showrooms, we established a starter set, including external and internal marking products intended especially for new dealers joining the used vehicle sales program.

During the last year, MH MOTORS from Stalowa Wola and NH MOTORS from Kraków have joined the group of FORD UŻYWANE sales points we supply.

Maciej Rajewski,
Ford Używane Program Manager

„Reliability, punctuality, integrity and an understanding of the partner’s needs are key business issues in the success of any venture. I honestly recommend this company and wish everyone could have such a business partner!“

The highest

To us a key aspect is the highest quality of the solutions. However, professionalism and smooth cooperation with our Partners are equally important. That is why we are pleased with the recognition of our long-term client and with the fact that we can participate in creating a new quality for FORD POLSKA. We congratulate them and wish them much success.

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