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CSP Automotive Business partnership

Partenariato in business

02.09.2022 autor : Andrzej Wrona

Durante i colloqui di affari con i nostri Clienti potenziali ci viene spesso posta la domanda su che cosa distingue i marchi Exacto Group – CSP Automotive e VC360. Enfatizziamo sempre la qualità e ci impegniamo nella realizzazione dei compiti a noi affidati al più alto livello possibile. Anticipiamo le aspettative dei Partner, forniamo assistenza, guardiamo i problemi in maniera complessiva e cerchiamo soluzioni, garantiamo una collaborazione efficace e brevi tempi di implementazione.

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We strive to make our companies leaders on the global market. However, apart from excellent services, products and solutions, our business partnerships are equally important to us.

We are most pleased with the trust our Partners put in us. We make sure that partnership with our company is not limited only to products and timely delivery. Instead, it is supposed to be an added value for our Clients and, above all, should be based on trust.

It is reflected in the scale and scope of Exacto Group’s operations. Today, CSP Automotive supplies its products to more than 4,000 auto dealers in nearly 30 countries, and the innovative VC360 solutions are gaining popularity in more and more markets.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we will once again be partners of thet Kia Cycling event. The first edition of the race took place in 2019 in Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc.

This year’s sportive will feature around 60 cyclists, who will have more than 50 kilometres to cover on the picturesque mountain routes of the northern part of Italy. On September 18, 2021, the event will feature Kia employees from various European Kia branches.

CSP Automotive sports competition

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Paweł Samczyk, General Manager CSP Automotive:

We are happy that once again we can participate in and support the Kia sport event, an initiative that promotes healthy lifestyle and fair play values. These principles are very close to us so we are proud that the VC360 and CSP Automotive logotypes will appear for the second time on the cycling clothes of the participants of the Kia Cycling race. It is a great honour for us.

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