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CSP Automotive new version

Scopri la nuova versione di CSP Automotive

10.09.2022 autor : Andrzej Wrona

Creiamo marchi nel settore di motorizzazione, stabiliamo standard visivi, aiutiamo con le vendite. Scopri la nuova versione di CSP Automotive.

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In the beginning, there was the product. A functional one, made of good materials, tested in all conditions. A product that helps sell, builds the image of a car brand and makes us buy a car from this specific dealership.

But it soon became apparent that great quality POS materials are not enough. After all, visual marketing should be part of a bigger strategy, responding to the needs and business goals of customers.

This is why, today, we not only deliver the product, but also create entire POS concepts. We manufacture and implement solutions locally and internationally. Thanks to this approach, we have become a stable partner for the leading automotive brands in Europe, which trust our experience. Drawing on our collaboration with them, we respond efficiently to new market needs and the digitalisation of the industry.

Over the last few years, we have supported many rebranding processes of major automotive corporations. Now we ourselves are changing.

Why us?

To meet our customers’ goals in an even more effective manner. To express what our values are and what we care about. To meet the demands placed on us by modern business.

The new CSP is a response to what the market expects from us. We have listened carefully to the voice of our partners, and it is thanks to our cooperation with them that we have developed new standards in the creation of a visual concept for POS materials, thus reaching a higher level of service – hypercare. The customer has always been in the DNA of our brand. Today, the time has come to communicate this through a new style of communication. This change is not just about the logo or website. We have needed the rebranding to express the current scale of CSP’s business, the culture of our organisation and our values, but also to illustrate our goals for the coming years.

Paweł Samczyk, CEO CSP

Hypercare and end-to-end service

We help leading vehicle brands and distributors achieve their strategic business goals. We offer an end-to-end service that is unique in the industry. We support omnichannel communication and strengthen the brand image, taking care of the entire implementation process. We can simultaneously scale our activities to multiple markets.

What sets CSP apart is our unique 360-degree end-to-end service, which includes researching the customer’s needs and full consultancy, creating a concept, selecting and distributing POS materials and ultimately reporting on the activities performed.

We are an extension of a marketing department of brands and dealers, and take charge of the entire implementation process of new visual communication. We offer our customers a ready-made, proven solution designed to maximise their profits. A solution that will satisfy both the decision-makers and the dealer using it in the showroom, and that will ultimately convince the customer to make a purchase. In doing so, we are guided by flexibility, customising the product in line with the brand’s CI.

Hypercare is a word that aptly describes our service style. We surround the customer with care from all sides. Based on our experience in the industry, we help car brands fulfil the promise they have made to their customers. We make sure that the showroom inspires trust, fosters purchasing decisions and closes the process. Because the task of POS materials is not only to convey information, but also to evoke specific emotions and create an atmosphere. By doing so, dealers increase their competitive advantage and so generate higher profits.

In this context, new technologies are an important element of hypercare and 100% customer-oriented service. We have dedicated e-commerce shops for the brands we work with, through which dealers can order the materials they need. We are introducing a state-of-the-art platform to facilitate communication with customers, organise webinars, create YouTube videos and build a support centre.

This omnichannel outreach means that we can be even closer to dealers and brands, responding to their requirements in a very broad way. These activities are also part of the intensive digitalisation that the entire automotive industry is currently undergoing. In our view, POS materials are the bridge between the online world and physical sales in the showroom. They need to be just as engaging as the presentation on the online platform, which is often the buyer’s first point of contact with the car.

Our mission consists in establishing new standards in POS material visual concept creation. We provide innovative tools that support sales and ensure consistency of communication for automotive brands in a rapidly changing market.

Sustainable development

Although the focus of CSP is on the customer and the attention is on the product, the foundation of our business is the people who make up this company. The change we are implementing is a product of their skills and their willingness to develop and improve their qualifications. The new image of CSP illustrates the values guiding us in our daily work.

Our team does not even know the world ‘problem’. The challenges we face are rather ‘issues to be solved’. It is a proactive and action-oriented approach, focused on going beyond the box and constantly improving. While always moving forward, we do not forget about collaboration, kindness and trust. This is the secret of CSP’s success. This is how we work with each other every day and how we work with our partners.

The new CSP is part of the company’s broader development strategy. We are changing because we want to serve both existing and new customers even better. We are currently the market leader in Europe and we are now planning to expand into more markets.

CSP Automotive promises

My goal? To change the automotive world. I am happy to say that we have already achieved this to some extent. Our rebranding opens the next stage in this endeavour. I am convinced that with the CSP team and in partnership with global brands, we will really achieve a lot in this area.

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