Adroof with replaceable plate

The only product which so effectively distinguishes the selected car from among others in the yard. Mounting on a car is extremely easy, with magnets. To prevent damage to the paint coating, magnets are covered with soft rubber.

Both surfaces of the product can be used to provide different type of information. They can be replaced at any time, as the message is carried on a replaceable plate, which may be filled with various content. The plate can be installed extremely easy and the adroof may remain on the car roof when doing it. It is possible with special fastenings with a latch, which are made of transparent plastic, so they are resistant to corrosion and have no detrimental impact on the presented content.

The product is resistant to UV radiation as well as high and low temperatures. It is designed for steel car roofs. The magnets will therefore not work on roof made of plastic, aluminium, glass or textile materials.

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