N-Box Finance

A set of replaceable elements for Pricer Finance. Aesthetically made of durable material. Closed in a convenient suitcase.

N-box Finance are ready-made elements for Pricer Finance, containing numbers, currency designation with net and gross values, the phrases “Loan instalment starting from” and “Leasing instalment starting from”, as well as either “Reservation” or “Sold” tag. Available as an option for marking 10, 20 or 30 tags.

The inserts are made of a special plastic that makes them flexible and durable. A suitcase with compartments facilitates the process of replenishing Pricer Finance and guarantees order in the salon.

Customisation of fonts and additional elements (e.g. APRC) allow you to maintain the consistency of visual communication in the salon and provide customers with other important information.

  • flexible, durable elements
  • a practical suitcase that ensures order
  • elements to complete 10, 20 or 30 tags to choose from
  • possibility of customisation
  • convenience of Pricer Finance refilling

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