Price Tag Finance

Price Tag Finance with two lines of possible text for the simultaneous presentation of the car price, loan/leasing instalment or tags: either “reservation” or “sold”. It increases customer interest, as well as the attractiveness of the offer and ensures good visibility of messages.

Pricer Finance is a response to the growing market of financial products offered by car dealerships. It allows you to place additional information that is crucial from the customer’s perspective and does not require any seller’s involvement. Presenting the instalment makes the offer even more affordable.

The price tag is made of a mixture of materials that guarantee durability and resistance to humidity as well as high & low temperatures. When properly attached, it does not deform and does not fade, thanks to which it can be used for a long time.

Pricer Finance is mounted on the sun visor on the passenger side so as not to obscure the visibility of the customer getting behind the wheel. Thanks to customised graphics, we adapt each tag to the CI of the brand. We create an individual graphic design based on colours and logotypes.

  • durable, resistant material
  • quick mounting
  • does not fade, does not deform*
  • with the brand logotype and colours
  • provides good price visibility

*As long as it is used in accordance with the instructions contained in the product and provided technical data sheets.

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