Pylon and advertising light-box

Structures used to mark the space around the car showroom and on buildings. They attract the eyes of customers, ensuring adequate visibility from the street. They can perform informative or promotional functions.

Pylons and advertising light-boxes are made of high-quality material, which makes them resistant to changing weather conditions. The use of backlighting makes the messages clearly visible and thus more effective.

Advertising pylons are available in range from 2 m to 12 m high. We adjust their size and design to the requirements of each client. We prepare graphics based on the colours of the brand, using its logotype. Depending on the place of mounting, we provide a technical specification for the preparation of the screed. A simple exchange of fronts means that the pylon can be updated without having to change the entire structure.

Advertising light-boxes are attached to the building. They can take various forms and sizes, including stand-alone, illuminated letters. As in the case of pylons, we also have the option of changing the fronts of light-boxes.

  • durable structures
  • effective advertising media
  • secure
  • completely customised – in colours and with the brand logotype

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